Band Boosters

The band season kicks off in August with band camp for the Marching Charger Band and continues until the Memorial Day Concert in May with the Concert Band performance. Between the months of August and May the band program participates in many activities, competitions, concerts, and other musical performances which are made possible by the continuous efforts of the parents who are actively involved in the band boosters’ organization.

Northwood Band Boosters Organization

  • Works as the backbone that supports all of the instrumental music programs at Northwood High School
  • Comprised of students, parents, alumni, and other supporting members within the community
  • Is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
  • Information and policies of the the Northwood Band Boosters are detailed throughout the Band Boosters Handbook on the Charms website (see below).

Band Booster Meetings

Band Booster Meetings are open to EVERYONE! Parents, at these meetings, you can:

  • Ask questions/get answers
  • Volunteer to help
  • Help make decisions for the band
  • Upcoming Booster Meeting Dates (generally the 2nd Wednesday of each month):
    • 4/15/2020 (moved to 3rd Wednesday due to Easter holiday), 7-8 pm [virtual meeting information will be added here]
    • 5/13/2020 [virtual meeting information will be added here]

Charms Office Assistant (for Marching Band)

  • Charms Office Assistant
  • For information on how to log in, please contact Mr. Freeman, the band director
  • Each student’s family has one account to share, and allows them to
    • Track FairShare balance
    • Track fundraising earnings
    • Make FairShare payments via PayPal
    • Find important information about marching band
  • Required information includes:
    • Student address
    • At least one parent/guardian name with phone and email
    • You can add more parents/guardians, but remember that everyone must share the same password for that account

Thrift Shop Hours

When you sign the form for thrift shop hours, you must include:

  • Student Name – the student who should get the credit for your work, EVEN IF YOU ARE WORKING FOR YOURSELF
  • “NHS Band” each time and for each person working
  • If you do not specify this information, we are unable to credit those hours to the individual student

Band Booster Handbook

Available on the Charms website under “Handouts & Files”


  • All members of the Marching Band are required to pay FairShare to participate
  • The Band Boosters Organization is able to help families who cannot afford it
  • FairShare funds the band program including:
    • Uniforms
    • Large instruments
    • Music composition and choreography for the marching show
    • Buses to competitions
  • Students and families are able to earn money toward FairShare through:
    • Fundraisers
    • Working UNC Concessions
    • Working at the Chatham PTA Thrift Shops

2019-2020 Band Booster Executive Committee Members

  • Ingram McCall – Co-President
  • Christy Atkins – Co-President
  • Felicia Gilmore – Co-Vice President
  • Mindy Jacobs – Co-Vice President
  • Carrie Rimolt – Treasurer
  • Nicole Reed – Secretary
  • Carolina Vix – Transportation Chair

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