Northwood Band Boosters

The band year kicks off in August with Band Camp for the Marching Chargers Band and continues until the Memorial Day Concert in May with the Symphonic/Concert Band performances. Between the months of August and May the band program participates in many activities, competitions, concerts, and other musical performances, which are made possible by the continuous efforts of those who are actively involved in the Band Boosters organization.

Northwood Band Boosters Organization

  • Works as the backbone that supports all of the instrumental music programs at Northwood High School
  • Composed of students, parents, alumni, and other supporting members within the community and managed by the Board of Directors
  • Is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
  • Information and policies of the the Northwood Band Boosters are detailed throughout the Northwood Band Boosters Handbook on the Charms website (more information below)

You can learn more about the Northwood Band Boosters organization in the Parent Information Presentation.

Northwood Band Boosters Volunteer Opportunities

See the Northwood Band Boosters Committee Descriptions document for detailed descriptions of the various ways you can volunteer. Let us know how you’d like to volunteer, by sending an email to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Northwood Band Boosters Meetings

Northwood Band Booster meetings are open to EVERYONE. At these meetings, you can:

  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Volunteer to help
  • Help make decisions for the band

Northwood Band Booster meeting dates are generally the second Wednesday of each month.  Once set, meeting dates and times will be posted in the Calendar.

Meeting Minutes*:

* Board of Director meeting minutes are available upon request. Please contact the Northwood Band Boosters Secretary.

Charms Office Assistant (for Marching Band)

  • Charms Office Assistant
  • For information on how to log in, please contact Mr. Zoellers
  • Each student’s family has one account to share, and allows them to find important information about marching band
  • Required information to create an account includes:
    • Student address
    • At least one parent/guardian name with phone and email
    • You can add more parents/guardians, but remember that everyone must share the same password for that account

Northwood Band Boosters Handbook

Updated handbook will appear here when available.

Northwood Band Boosters Budget Information

Updated Band Boosters budget information will appear here when available.

Additional financial documents for Northwood Band Boosters are available upon request by contacting the Treasurer at

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