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Let’s Tune!

My students need iPad projection to assist them with tuning and time-keeping while playing their instruments!

My Students

In the two years I’ve been in this position, these students have done everything I’ve asked and more. They’ve grown quicker than I imagined and are outgrowing our current materials and structure. I want to give them all the tools they need to take control of their education.

My Project

These materials are going to be able to provide students with immediate feedback as to how in tune they are, what their tone is like, and if they are playing in time.

This is a formative tool that allows me and my students to use data to effectively plan and implement lesson plans and practice sessions that are productive and efficient.

I’ve found that students, when given the feedback and data that they need, are able to effectively guide their own learning experience. The lightning to VGA adaptor will allow me to project iPad apps onto the board behind me during rehearsal. Students will use this as a classwide tuner, sound analyzer, and metronome. The protective equipment will ensure the technology is kept safe and able to be used for years to come.  Mr. Cox’s Donor Choose Project





In the News!!!  September 2015

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