Northwood Bands FAQs

Last Updated: 8-2-22

How will information be provided to students and parents regarding band updates, etc.?

How can students and families raise money for the Northwood Bands ?

  • Participate in the fundraisers that the band offers throughout the school year
  • Link your Amazon Smile account and Harris Teeter VIC card to Northwood Bands
  • Volunteer at UNC Concessions
  • Volunteer at the Chatham PTA Thrift Shops
  • See the Fundraising Page for details on our current and upcoming fundraising efforts

How does the band determine how much money must be raised for each school year?

  • Each year, the Board of Directors develops a budget to support the band program. The budget is voted on by the Band Boosters organization. From the budget, the fundraising goal for the year is determined. That overall goal is divided by the number of students registered for the band program to determine each band participant’s expected contribution to the overall fundraising goal
  • For the 2022/2023 school year, the “Fair Share” system has been replaced in order to better align our fundraising practices with the Band Boosters organization’s status as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Additional details on how band students are expected to contribute to the band program can be found on the Fundraising Page
  • If you have additional questions about the Northwoods Bands finances, please contact the Band Boosters Treasurer at

Why is the Expected Fundraising Target higher than the old Fair Share amount?

  • The amount is higher because the Expected Fundraising Target allocates the entirety of the Northwood Band Boosters’ fundraising needs across band program registrants. Fair Share only allocated a portion of the overall fundraising needs to each student. Under the old model, fundraising was divided into two buckets: Fair Share and General Band Fundraising. Students were expected to “pay” their Fair Share and also help with other fundraising activities for the band at large, which did not impact their Fair Share balances
  • Under the new model, these two things are combined into one bucket. In essence, students are still expected to contribute the same amount – in dollars and in “sweat equity” – as they were under the old model. It’s just the accounting that’s different – again, one bucket instead of two
  • This change puts us in better alignment with the Northwood Band Boosters’ status as a 501(c)(3) organization. If you need more details about this, please contact Northwood Band Boosters Treasurer at

What happens if a student doesn’t meet his/her/their Expected Fundraising Target?

  • In a word, nothing. The Expected Fundraising Target should be looked at only as an individual accountability metric
  • That said, if students don’t meet their Expected Fundraising Targets, the fundraising burden falls to other students in the Northwood Bands program to make up the shortfall

What happens if Northwood Band Boosters doesn’t meet its overall fundraising target?

  • Fundraising is the main revenue source for the Northwood Band Boosters organization. If the organization doesn’t meet the revenue goals set out in the budget, the Board of Directors will need to make decisions as to which expenses must be eliminated. For example, participation in some competitions could be canceled; needed instrument repairs or replacements could be postponed; show shirts might not be produced
  • For a full list of the things supported by Northwood Band Boosters fundraising, please see the Fundraising Page on the Northwood Bands website. Any of the items listed there could be eliminated if the budgeted funds aren’t raised

How are the proceeds from fundraising activities used?

  • Uniforms
  • Large instruments
  • Music composition and choreography for the marching show
  • Buses to competitions
  • Band organization fixed costs:
    • Insurance
    • Instrument lease-to-own payments
    • Software licenses
    • Field maintenance
    • Equipment maintenance

If I have more questions, who should I contact?