Pep Band

2018-19 was the inaugural year for our Pep Band for HOME basketball games

How to Join

When and if Northwood sports continue, those interested in joining Pep Band should review the Practice and Game dates below and sign up with Mr. Freeman


Music will be emailed to each student who signs up


  • Students will be expected to practice music throughout the week on their own time
  • Anyone interested is more than welcome to play
  • Those interested in switching instruments for next marching season, this is a great opportunity to start developing your skills
  • Students do not have to attend all games but it is highly encouraged

2021 Practice Schedule

  • Dates TBD

2021 Game Schedule

  • Dates TBD

Game Day Itinerary

  • 3:10-6:30 pm — Students are encouraged to go home and come back
  • 6:30-7:00 pm — Warmup/music run-through
  • 7:00 pm — set up
  • 7:30 pm — game
  • 9-9:30 pm — pickup