Jazz Band


Thanks to all students who tried out. I am truly AMAZED at the auditions that were submitted. I apologize for the late announcement, but I really needed time to decide some of these positions. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible while maintaining an elevated sense of professionalism, I have decided to add just a couple of “extra” spots. I could have added more, but at a certain point it would be more beneficial for those students to grow in a separate area where they can also shine.

Thanks again to all who tried out. I’m pleased with the ensemble we have been able to put together!

To those who were not selected, please do not fret! These decisions I had to make were some of the TOUGHEST I have faced. I look forward to making great music with you in Jazz Band B. – Cox

Alto 1: Marcanthony Iacono, Meredith Avison

Alto 2: Benjamin Ramos, Haydn Sprurrell

Tenor 1: Emma Blythe

Tenor 2: Anna Spinnenweber, Katelynn Ocariza

Bari: Abby Johnson

Trombone: Caitlyn Nelson, Skyler Herrick, Nathan Jones, John Thu

Trumpet: Christopher Keesor, Tyler Moore, Gianluca Iacono, (Open Spot)

Guitar: Trevor Pister

Bass: (Open Spot)

Set: Zach Brackett (Primary), Randall Dowdy (Supplement), Max Gore (Supplement and Primary Jazz Band B)

Piano: William Ramos

Vibes: Jacob White

Vocals: Mariah Shobande, Skyler Herrick




Auditions for Jazz Band A 2016 will be through online video submission. Students must prepare and record themselves playing the following:

  • Concert Bb blues scale (multiple octaves, if possible)
  • Concert F blues scale (multiple octaves, if possible)
  • Page 1 of “A Band’s Gotta Do What a Band’s Gotta Do”
  • Drumset players should find a recording of “A Band’s Gotta Do What a Band’s Gotta Do” and be prepared to play the first minute along with the recording (this may be done live for Mr. Cox in the band room).

All materials can be found here.

Students will submit one (1) unedited video to the Jazz Band Google Classroom (Class code: huvrsq) that includes all of these materials. THESE MATERIALS ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30. Results will be posted November 2nd. Jazz Band B begins rehearsals Wednesday, November 2nd at 7:00am. Jazz Band A begins rehearsals Thursday, November 3rd at 7:00am.