Jazz Band

All students must print and turn in the Jazz Band Contract for placement into either band.


Before posting results, I’d like to remind those who do not make Jazz Band A to come out to Jazz Band B. I would love to have two full jazz bands (and that is how we get better for next year’s auditions!). Rehearsal start Monday, November 20th.

The following people were not placed in Jazz Band A, but are invited to “shadow” (sit in on rehearsals when they can, but not perform at shows) so long as the commit to Jazz Band B:

Derek Cohen

Kendra Allen (guitar or trumpet)

Jacob Dusek

Jacob Mattison

Hermes Henry

Sam Shi

And here’s the 2017 NHS Jazz Band A (henceforth known as the Charger Big Band):

Alto 1: Haydn Spurrell

Alto 2: Ethan Cove

Tenor 1: Abby Johnson

Tenor 2: Emma Blythe

Bari: Alison West

Trumpet 1: Christopher Keesor

Trumpet 2: Brandon Guzman

Trumpet 3: Gianluca Iacono

Trumpet 4: Tyler Moore

Trombones (in no particular order 1-3): Andrew Mattson, Caitlyn Nelson, Grant Sowards

Bass Trombone: Cole O’Malley

Guitar: Noah Brackett

Bass: John Thu

Piano: Christopher Esther

Set: Zach Brackett, Randall Dowdy

Vibes: Jacob White

Charger Big Band will have rehearsals three days this week – Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Congrats to all who made it. And again – if you didn’t make it, please come out to Jazz Band B rehearsals and make that commitment. You’ll get much better with the experience and get to play cool music!